Friday, March 27, 2009

What are the chances?

Wade Burleson Promoting
His New Book; Where's Mine?

I notice on Brother Wade Burleson's blog that he is actively promoting his book on "Hardball Religion," and he is utilizing some "testimony" type "reviews" to polish the product.

So far, I have noticed no critical reviews of the book. Surprise, surprise?

Also, so far, I have not received a copy for review, although P. K. Gammons, V. P. of the publishers, Smyth & Helwys, told me a few days ago in an email that they would be "delighted" to send me a copy for review. Gammons said he would like for me to review the book on this blog and to "let us know what you think."

S & H has since canceled that offer and Wade Burleson has not sent me a copy, either. I surmise that both S & H and Wade are looking for the type of non-critical "reviews" which Wade is now using to promote the book.

This doesn't seem to "jive" with what Wade is always gabbing about on his blog -- that is, having different points of view and controversial discussions. He even published a recent article which condemned "stifling criticism and dissent."

Yet, even though I accepted the S & H offer of a book for review, Wade informed me that I must "pay for the privilege" to do a review! What are the chances of my ever getting a copy for review? If I do . . .

Will wonders never cease?


  1. Bob:

    I suspect you will have to wait to purchase the book to review it since the publisher is likely looking for favourable reviews at this point to assist sales. Mr. Burleson and the publishers are already aware you have exposed the author’s weak understanding of Landmarkism and Campbellism in the book. Giving you full access to the book would only reflects badly on sales because word would get around that Mr. Burleson’s ‘source’ on the issue of Landmarkism has refuted its use in the book.

    At this point, Mr. Burleson seems concerned about making money on the book. You would not further this goal.

  2. Bob:

    I should also thank you for holding Mr. Burleson accountable for his use of the terms Landmark and Campbellite. I have observed he has a tendency to discredit his opponent in his articles by employing names that have a pejorative meaning or occasionally using history which does not hold up. Though the odd commenter occasionally questions him on it, most do not question. When he is challenged and documentation is provided, the person is either dismissed with a smile or the comment is ignored. You, however, cannot be so lightly dismissed since he has used your book on Landmarkism to support his claims. While he may have gotten away with such allegations on his blog, he cannot get away with it in his book. Thank you.

  3. One redeeming element
    in Wade's book is the reference to my book, Old Landmarkism and the Baptists. HERE

    Perhaps several will obtain the book and learn what constitutes Landmarkism in contrast to Wade's inaccurate representations.

    As for Campbellism, I have written a few books dealing with that.

    See HERE