Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dr. Mohler's "triage"

Flounders Associate Summarizes
Dr. Mohler's Theological Triage

Timmy Brister, Tom Ascol's associate pastor, writes on his blog:

Reviewing Theological Triage
First, we need to review the idea of theological triage. Dr. [Albert] Mohler makes the case for three tiers of determining the weight of various doctrinal issues, noting that without such distinctions there can be no “theological seriousness and maturity.” First-tier doctrines are those “most central and essential to the Christian faith” and include “the Trinity, the full deity and humanity of Jesus Christ, justification by faith, and the authority of Scripture.”

Mohler goes on to say the following:

“These first-order doctrines represent the most fundamental truths of the Christian faith, and a denial of these doctrines represents nothing less than an eventual denial of Christianity itself.”

At the heart of first-order doctrines is what it means to be Christian. At the heart of being a Christian are matters pertaining to the gospel, such as substitutionary atonement, justification by faith, and full deity & humanity of Christ.

Bob's comment:

Without evaluating the items specified in Dr. Mohler's triage, what we wonder about this theoretical triage is this:

How does Dr. Mohler manage to include under this theoretical cloak the Reformed Pedobaptists and other Pedobaptists who hold to the ridiculous doctrine that INFANTS born to believers are REGENERATED IN INFANCY, or regenerated even before they are actually physically born, as held by some Pedos?

Does Dr. Mohler consider that notion to be an acceptable form of "the Gospel."

Please understand, no one here is alleging that Pedobaptists are excluded from salvation on account of this false doctrine, for whoever really believes in Christ for salvation is saved. Rather, we just find it hard to classify Pedobaptist doctrine about the supposed regeneration of infants as being any part of the Gospel.

If Dr. Mohler, who is President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, or Timmy Brister, or Tom Ascol, head of the "Founders Ministries," or any one who approves of this "triage" is inclined to favor us with some light on this bewildering question, he is welcome to post it on this blog.

C. H. Spurgeon on pedobaptism:

"I do not know an error which causes the damnation of more souls than that at the present time. . . . Sacramental efficacy and baptismal regeneration, ALL SPRING FROM THE FIRST ERROR OF INFANT BAPTISM" (New Park Street Pulpit, Volume 6, page 168).

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  1. Mohler's Triage: Inclusive
    of Hyper-Calvinists?

    It appears that the "Founders" and the "Great Commission Resurgence" brethren are agreeable to Dr. Mohler's "triage" as a basis for the inclusion of non-Baptists in the "resurgence" which they contemplate.

    If this theological triage is broad enough for Reformed Pedobaptists who teach (1) the regeneration of their "covenant children" in infancy and (2) the "pre-faith regeneration" of elect adults, then it seems it would also be broad enough to cover those Dr. Mohler would probably classify as Hyper-Calvinists (who also teach "regeneration precedes faith" and reject the "free offer of the gospel").

    The Hypers hold all the "first tier doctrines" listed in the theological triage proposed by Dr. Mohler, and this apparently would be enough to "qualify" the Hypers for inclusion. The fact that Hardshell Baptist leader Lasserre Bradley Jr. was invited to Southern Seminary might indicate that Mohler is open to even Hardshell Baptist and Hyper-Calvinist inclusion.See HERE