Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wade's book

Just for the Record
About Wade Burleson

I read Wade's remark on Peter Lumpkins' blog that I (Bob Ross) had never seen nor read his book, "Hardball Religion."

Thanks to Wade's publisher, Smith & Helwys, I will receive both a digital copy of the book and the printed book when it is released.

The fact is, S&H wants me to review the book. P. K. Gammons, Vice President of S&H, has told me, "I would be delighted to send you a digital copy for your review. We welcome you to review the book on your blog and let us know what you think."

Let me make it clear, I have no objection whatsoever to anyone's using my writings either with or without my permission. What I am saying about Wade's case is this:

If he has appropriated any of my writings in such a manner as if they endorse Wade's allegation that the International Mission Board's policy constitutes "Landmarkism," it is a misappropriation of my material and contrary to my views.

My book, Old Landmarkism and the Baptists, was written back in the 1960s, long before the IMB policy was put into play. Naturally, neither Wade's name nor the IMB is mentioned in the book.

Also, what was written in an email to Wade three years ago said nothing whatsoever about the IMB's policy constituting "Landmarkism." I sent Wade a free copy of the book, hoping it would perhaps be of some degree of help in giving him a better understanding of Landmarkism and thereby assist in his properly evaluating matters at IMB which he related to Landmarkism.

Frankly, at the time, I was rather sympathetic to Wade because, on the basis of what he was writing on his blog, it seemed to me that he did not really have thorough grasp of what constitutes Landmarkism, even if it did exist at IMB. As I read Wade at that time, to me he was apparently
portraying himself as a victim of Landmarkism at the IMB, and if that were the case, and if there indeed were really hardcore, "hardball"
Landmarkers and Landmarkism at IBM, my book might be of some benefit to him in the controversy.

In retrospect, it now appears that Wade overstated the case, and while he may have us believe he is a victim of Landmarkers and Landmarkism at IMB, I believe it is more consistent with the elements of this unfortunate controversy to regard Wade as a victim of his own making -- due to his misunderstanding of what constitutes Landmarkism.

Wade is evidently a good preacher, devoted pastor, and gifted writer. The best thing he could do, in my judgment, is to somehow "get over" the experience at IMB, and focus upon the ministry to which God called him -- preaching the Gospel, endeavoring to reach lost souls in Enid and any other places to which he has access to preach the Word.

Wade's talents are too great to be consumed in a negative effort which never had a solid basis in the first place.

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  1. I hope you enjoy the book when you read it!

    And, I can assure you, my church is the focus of my life and brings me joy!

    Convention stuff is insignificant.