Thursday, March 19, 2009

New light on history from Enid?

Wade Burleson's Revision
of Baptist History

I was doing a little "exploring" of Wade's past comments on his blog and stumbled upon what appears to be a revision of Baptist history. A comment by a reader said:

martyduren said...

Great I correct in assuming that those who departed the convention were also known as "Campbellites"?
Sun Dec 25, 08:06:00 PM 2005

Wade Burleson said...
Some became "Campbellite" and joined the "Church of Christ" movement, while others separated and became known as Independent Baptists or in some cases "Hardshell Baptists."

Does anyone know if Wade went to either a Baptist college or seminary, and if so, did he take a course in Baptist History?

In context, this person (Marty Duren) was referring to Landmark Baptists, and Wade says some joined the Church of Christ movement and some others joined the Hardshells. He did not offer any source as a reference, and what he says is completely foreign to any history I have read.

Perhaps I missed something? I used to teach Baptist History in a small theology school we once had here, and I have to admit that I have failed, if what Wade says is historical fact.

Until I see his sources, however, I will regard this information as being in the same category as other such phantasmagoria for which Wade has become rather notorious in recent years. The brother seems to have a vivid imagination.

Our combox is open for Wade to give us book, chapter, and page number which verifies what he reported on his blog. Perhaps he has a source which has eluded me and the writers I have read.

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