Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Probably no review

It Is Not Likely That I Will Review
Wade Burleson's Book

Some have wondered if I will write a review of Wade Burleson's book, and that does not appear to be very likely.

First, both the publisher and author do not appear to have any interest in my reviewing the book, and are evidently adamant in refusing to send me a review copy which at one time the publisher offered to send.

Secondly, Wade has indicated that I would have to buy the book if I wished to write a review. To that, I say that there will be no tornados in Oklahoma before I spend money for a book to review it, regardless of who published it or who wrote it.

I only buy books I anticipate keeping in my library, and I doubt very seriously that Wade's book would qualify.

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    Since posting the above article, our bookstore has received a copy of Wade's book which was ordered a few weeks ago, just in case we had a local customer. It was not sent as a "review copy," but was ordered for our store's inventory.

    After I have looked over the book, it may be that I will publish some comments about it, perhaps not so much of a "review" as a general critique. I already note a deficiency in the book, for it lacks any sort of index of either names, Scriptures, or sources of reference. He does give some footnotes at the end of chapters, however.