Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wade, wrong on Campbellism, too?

Wade Burleson's Error on Campbellite
View as to the Administrator of Baptism

Wade’s book, according to "Reliable Sources" of the "Sources" Family, also misrepresents the view of "Churches of Christ" on the administrator of baptism.

Evidently -- and I stand to be corrected -- Wade's book alleges that Campbellites (aka Church of Christ) emphasize "qualifications" for the administrator of baptism.

If this is the case, then it's apparently "Wrong Way Wade" again. The Campbellites whom I have known and even publicly debated several of their Ministers for nearly 50 years do not condition the validity of baptism on the administrator in any sense.

There are, to my knowledge, a couple of Churches of Christ in Enid, and to my knowledge neither one of them holds to the idea about the administrator which Wade alleges. If I'm wrong, I'm sure Wade can and will correct me.

I have had numerous debates with leading CC debaters, and I know their views "like I know the back of my hand." Wade and his publisher, Smyth & Helwys, will probably receive derogatory comments from Church of Christ preachers about this misrepresentation of their views.

The fact is, CC will accept any immersion if it was administered in accord with their teaching -- "in order to obtain the remission of sins." I would not be surprised if Wade gets a challenge from the Campbellites in Oklahoma for a debate on this misrepresentation.

Evidently, Wade makes reference to the Campbellites as if to discredit Southern Baptists. Instead, the misrepresentation of the Campbellite view only serves to further discredit Wade.

In the future, Wade, lighten up and don't try to discredit more people than those on whom you supposedly "have the goods."

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  1. Dear Bob:

    I too am a little familiar with the CCs. You have stated their position correctly. I have discussed this with them many times. I too have had several debates with these folks and have two schedule for this year with them. The administrator is unimportant to them.

    As far as the view of Dr. Gill, he held to a position that was similar to that of the brethren who wrote the first London Baptist Confession. Any disciple may baptize.

    This does not mean, however, that the church has no authority in the matter. All it is saying is that each disciple is qualified to baptize. It is preferable, however, for it to be performed by a male member of the church, or the pastor.

    God bless and keep up the good writing.