Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Slice of Schlueter

A Slice of Apostacia -- Also known as


Ingrid Schlueter runs a blog which is devoted to raking up sundry garbage and scurrilous scum. It is called "Slice of Laodicea," but we constantly find that Ingrid is very selective in her slicing game.

I recently wrote to her and sent her some information about what she is forever neglecting:

"I do not know an error which causes the damnation of more souls than that at the present time. . . . Sacramental efficacy and baptismal regeneration, ALL SPRING FROM THE FIRST ERROR OF INFANT BAPTISM" (C. H. Spurgeon, New Park Street Pulpit, Volume 6, page 168).

Dear Ingrid:
You do very well with reporting on the symptoms, but why not pay more attention to the source. Here's something for your consideration.
-- Bob L. Ross,
The Calvinist Flyswatter

I sent her an item, "Thanks to the Pedos," which exposed a slice of the dark history of the Pedobaptist (baby baptizer) Reformed Hybrid Calvinists. Ingrid is a Pedobaptist Reformed Hybrid Calvinist.

Instead of addressing the issue of her ancestral lineage from apostates, Ingrid sliced her a piece of "I Can't Pay You Any Attention" Pie.

Ingrid said --
A Note About Email
Mar 18 by Ingrid Schlueter

Due to the high volume of email I receive here at Slice, email that is in addition to Crosstalk related correspondence, it has been increasingly difficult impossible to respond to everyone.

I try to read everything that comes through, but there are times when I am not able to personally respond. I want to thank every reader who has sent in concerns, links and comments. Please know that an absence of response does not necessarily mean that I have not read what you have sent in.

Additionally, I am unable, for obvious reasons, to engage in discussion with everyone who wants to debate issues, discuss theology, or who wants to argue over doctrine.

Slice is non-interactive because its growing readership can make it, in itself, a full-time job. Thanks so much for your
understanding, and again, I deeply appreciate the news items and articles sent my way.

Bob's comment:

O, sure, Ingrid, we "understand." We understand all too well. You enjoy being a part of the "Slice of Apostacia" too much to pay any attention to the historical record of your Pedobaptist Reformed Hybrd Calvinist apostate path thru history.

We understand -- you are too well content to slice away at some of the more obvious modern Pedobaptist apostates but you give a "pass" to the heresy itself that paved the way to their apostasy.

And we also understand, Ingrid, you are just one of the willing participants in the Slice of Apostacia which forever seems to dog those who supposedly are "covenant children" and allegedly get "regenerated" while they are yet sucklings on their mother's breast.

Keep slicing, Ingrid, but watch your nose -- you could cut it off to spite your face.

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