Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wade's barking dogs

Wade's Dog Kennel Has
Plenty of Barking Dogs

Since Wade Burleson has assumed the role of defender of the "FBC Jax Watchdog," Wade's blog has become a regular kennel of barking dogs. Like Wade, their bark is probably louder than their bite.

They have now even put a Google "street-view" link in Wade's kennel -- showing Pastor Mac Brunson's home in Jacksonville -- and I suppose this will be eagerly accessed by the dogs as they ogle, bark, foam at the mouth, and knash their teeth.

I don't think in all my life I have ever observed what appears to be a near psychotic obsession with something on this order -- a pastor in Oklahoma sticking his nose into another church's situation hundreds of miles away in Jacksonville, Florida.

This type of thing does not add much by way of credibility to Wade's reputation as a writer, for what he is posting and saying involves a great deal of hearsay. That seems to be Wade's forte.

The fact that his publisher, Smyth & Helwys, tacked a "Disclaimer" onto Wade's book is within itself a warning as to the possible vulnerability of Wade's writings as lacking in validity.

Beware of dogs -- especially the pack from the kennel in Enid.


  1. Bob:

    A pastor can only go as far as the church board and the job description permits since the pastor is only pastor as the church is willing. If there is a problem at a church then the correct avenues of appeal are to the church board and then to the representatives of the local and State conference with whom the church is associate, would it not? I can understand the pastor of the church not returning a telephone call from a pastor of another church in a different State who has publicly taken up cause and criticism of the church and leadership in question. Who knows whether the pastor church has even heard of Mr. Burleson and, if he has, what impression he may have that may give pause about returning the call. I don't know. Either way, surely there are other avenues to handle such a matter.

  2. Ian, did you ever read about a fellow named "Diotrephes"?

    There are some people who have the gift of very piously injecting themselves into situations where they seek the "preeminence."

    But I'm not calling any names. You can observe for yourself.