Friday, April 10, 2009

6th anniversary of translating Spurgeon

Spanish Translation of Spurgeon's
Sermons Started Six Years Ago
in Mexico City

The following is from Allan Roman, Spanish translator in Mexico City, via Emmett O'Donnell here in Texas, who is putting Spurgeon's sermons on the web at

April 10, 2009

Well, Brother Emmett,

Six years ago today Brother Bob Ross announced the "birth" of your site on the world wide web.

I have been praying that our Father would draw hundreds of millions of Spanish-speaking Roman Catholics to our Master through your site. However many He has drawn, I thank Him and praise Him for using you so wonderfully. -- Allan

[Original announcement of April 10, 2003 by Bob L. Ross:]


In November of 2000, we were blessed by a visit by Brother Allan Roman of Mexico City. We had a great time of fellowship together. Allan is a great admirer of the sermons by C. H. Spurgeon, and he is now engaged in the early work of translating into the Spanish language the first few of what is hoped to be hundreds, if not thousands, of these great sermons.

In June of 2002, Allan visited us again, this time accompanied by his co-worker, Bro. Thomas Montgomery. Another great time of fellowship and discussion about the work in Mexico was enjoyed. These two brethren are working together on behalf of the Gospel of Christ in Mexico, translating, publishing, and doing other things to spread the Word of God. We bid them Godspeed!

The first sermons by Spurgeon to be translated will be those 35 sermons which we published a couple of years ago in a book called THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO C. H. SPURGEON, a project to which Brother Roman made a substantial contribution. Many of you on my list also made donations for this project.

Now in Mexico City, the same Spanish sermons will first be published in individual booklets as the translating work progresses, then when all 35 are finished they will be put into a complete bound book. What a great work, to have these 35 sermons in Spanish!

Here is a message Allan recently sent to us, and as you can see these sermons are now being put on the internet:

>> ALLAN ROMAN writes:

Dear Brother, we are progressing consistently concerning the translations. Six sermons have been translated into Spanish. We are in the process of having a website with the sermons to be incorporated as we translate them. We will start with the six presently available.

The website address is:

It is under construction, but you can visit it now to see how it will look. Your comments will be most welcomed.

I have a new e-mail address just for the purpose of related questions to the sermons.

The address is:
Feel free to use it any time.

Once in place, I will ask you to help us let people know, probably through your own site, that the sermons are available in Spanish. Also, I am ready for the next order of Sermons.

God Bless You,

The foregoing was communicated to us by --

Brother Emmett O'Donnell
Over 3,000 free C.H. Spurgeon sermons in today's language.

BOB'S NOTE: We donate monthly to the translating work being done by Brother Roman. If you wish to contribute, please contact Brother Montgomery at this email:

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    I received this email from Brother Boxley Boggs, who is on the Staff of CrossWorld Missions:

    This is a phenomenal undertaking, which will be greatly blessed of God throughout the Spanish speaking world. I have just forwarded the message below to our Spanish speaking missionaries. --BBB