Monday, April 6, 2009

Akin on "Ordo Salutis"


By Stephen Garrett on BaptistGadfly

Dr. Danny Akin, according to Tom Ascol of the Founders organization, see here, will be guest speaker at the annual Founders breakfast this June in Louisville. I have a suggestion for Dr. Akin and Dr. Ascol. Why not have Dr. Akin talk about how conversion and regeneration are virtually the same, how they are concurrent, and how, if logical priority is to be given to one, it must be to conversion, not to regeneration?

Here is what Dr. Akin has published in his book, A Theology for the Church, on the subject:

"However, the Holy Spirit uses means, and the instruments he employs to achieve regeneration are the gospel (James 1: 18, 21; I Pet. 1: 23) and the messengers who share it (I Cor. 4: 15). If the gospel is not available, the saving, regenerating work of the Holy Spirit is also absent. This disturbing truth gives urgency to the missionary mandate of the Great Commission."

For the rest of this article, go to BaptistGadfly.

Also, see the article which was posted on The Calvinist Flyswatter awhile back:

SBC Seminary President Apparently Denies Hybrid Calvinist Heresy

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  1. Bob:

    With Tom Ascol's announcement that Danny Akin will speak at the Founder's breakfast on June 23, it seems Founders are continuing their efforts to gain credibility by aligning themselves with Danny Akin and SWBTS. I hope he sees Ascol’s article “No National Founders Conference in 2009”which demonstrates that Founders are only interested in promoting the Reformed view of the doctrines of grace in their church planting efforts and reformation of churches. No doubt he does not want to be used or taken for a ‘sucker’ by those who have an agenda that differs from what he is seeking to accomplish in the Great Commission Resurgence. It comes across as riding the coat-tails of one who is accepted and acceptable to those in the SBC.