Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spurgeon's Sermons on Internet

61 Volumes of C. H. Spurgeon's Sermons
Now on the Internet [05/21--2010]

The following email from Brother Emmett O'Donnell is a report on Emmett's remarkable progress in putting C. H. Spurgeon's New Park Street Pulpit (1855-1860) and Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit (1861-1917) on the Internet, available around the world.

Spurgeon never had any idea that his sermons would one day "miraculously" be available in this form!

Thank the Lord that He inspired Brother O'Donnell to give himself to this task, and thank the Lord that Bro. Emmett has been enabled to persevere in doing it!

Here is his recent report:

May 15, 2010
Dear Ones,
Let us pray for Grace to give our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, all the praise and honor for using me to complete the modernization of 61 volumes of Brother Spurgeon's sermons. -- Brother Emmett O'Donnell.

Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to God The Father!
Not Mary. Not Mohammed. Not a future Messiah.
Jesus Christ is the ONLY way.(John 14:6).

Visit http://www.spurgeongems.org/ for over 3,500 C. H. Spurgeon sermons in today'slanguage.

"All the history of an elect child of God, even before conversion, will be found to be full of traces of the preventing goodness of the Lord."--Volume 60, Sermon #3413, Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit.

READ Brother Emmett's testimony here.

Permission granted to copy and use this article.

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