Thursday, August 20, 2009

Spurgeon's Sermons on Internet


The following report is from Brother Emmett O'Donnell who has for several years been committing C. H. Spurgeon's New Park Street Pulpit and Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit to the Internet. He has completed 57 volumes and has only Volumes 58-63 remaining.

August 19, 2009


In God’s perfect timing, Volume 57 of Brother Spurgeon’s sermons is now on our site.

And, Lord willing, Brother Allan Roman, of Mexico City, will send me his 337th Spanish translation tomorrow.

Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to God the Father!
Not Mary. Not Moses. Not Mohammed.
JESUS CHRIST is the only way.
(John 14:6).

Brother Emmett O'Donnell

Over 3,200 free C.H. Spurgeon sermons in today's language.

“The Doctrine of Election is not one about which you need trouble yourself just now. Begin to read your Bible and the Gospel according to Matthew, and see there how you are bid to repent and invited to come to Christ. When you have done that, you can go on to the Epistles and read about Election and all the other Doctrines of Grace, but your first business is to repent of sin and to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ!—
CHS—Volume 57, Sermon #3262

Bob's Note:

I am taking the liberty to inform you about the abnormal circumstances under which Brother Emmett does his work of putting Spurgeon's sermons on the Internet. I want you to appreciate the obvious dedication the Lord has given to Brother Emmett to do this work; I just believe you ought to know.

Also, it should be noted that he was neither solicited to do this work nor is he paid to do it; it is strictly a work the Lord laid on his heart to do, and he has never asked for any financial payment for doing it. His reward is the joy he receives from the many thousands of "hits" which his website receives.

Awhile back, I asked Brother O'Donnell to give me an account of his physical state, inasmuch as I knew him to be less than physically "normal" in the use of his bodily parts due to a past injury. Here is what he wrote:

April 18, 2009

Brother Bob,

On August 3, 1981, about seven years before the Lord saved me, He chastised me as I was attempting my second try at “body surfing” in Hawaii. He arranged for a wave to twist my neck so that I was totally paralyzed from my shoulders down. When I left the hospital (SW Memorial) in late February, 1982, I was considered by the medical profession to have “paraplegia” which means I had the partial loss of all my limbs. Many people think I had a stroke because my right side is severely paralyzed, but my right is not. I was 39 at the time — I’ll be 68 in November.

I improved to the point where I was walking with a cane—all in our Lord’s purpose. By 1996 numerous falls necessitated I walk with a walker which I use now in the house. If we go out, which is quite a bit, I use a power chair to get around. With equipment, I am able to drive—our last trip of over 6,500 miles was last summer.

The Lord is keeping me in line with helicopter rides (one) to TexSan Heart Hospital in late March. I have problems with my heart and a few other things. I seem to be OK, heart-wise, now — after about $20,000 for the ride and the care. But our Lord has provided.

I can still type using my right middle finger and three fingers on my left hand and its thumb, though you have no idea how many errors I made in this letter — the Lord provided Spell-check, so that is between Him and me.

Thank you for your kind comments.

Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to God the Father!
Not Mary. Not Moses. Not Mohammed.
JESUS CHRIST is the only way.
(John 14:6).

Brother Emmett O'Donnell


Permission is granted to copy and use this article.

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