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New Book of Spurgeon Sermons

C. H. Spurgeon's Sermons Beyond the Final Volume of
Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit

By Doug Kutilek

From: "AS I SEE IT"
Volume 12, Number 12, December 2009

A Truly New Volume of Spurgeon’s Sermons

For 63 consecutive years, week by week, beginning in 1855 and terminating in mid-1917--25 years after Spurgeon’s death!--due only to severe paper shortages in England caused by the Great War, a sermon preached by Charles Haddon Spurgeon was published in London by Passmore and Alabaster.

These weekly sermons were collected into annual bound volumes, the first six called The New Park Street Pulpit, the rest, beginning in 1861, called The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit. These 63 volumes constitute a not-quite exhaustive collection of sermons preached by Spurgeon, stenographically recorded, then edited by Spurgeon (or occasionally by one his close associates) in preparation for publication. [Reprinted by PILGRIM PUBLICATIONS, Pasadena, Texas 77501]

Happy--blessed--is the man who has such a set complete, and happier still if he frequently reads from its contents.

I am indeed a blessed man in both regards; I acquired my first volume of the Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit as a 21st birthday gift from my wife in 1973, and in the years since, have added a volume here, several there, until I finally in the last decade purchased the last missing volume or two. (My set is mostly Pilgrim reprints, with a handful or more of Banner of Truth editions, and even a few original Passmore and Alabaster volumes). Though very far from having read the entire set -- I know a couple of preachers who have -- I do read from it more frequently than from all other sermons in my library combined, and if you have read AISI for any amount of time, you have probably noted that I quote from Spurgeon more than any 3 or 4 other writers combined (twice in this issue alone).

When serial publication of Spurgeon’s sermons ceased in 1917, there remained a number of sermons in manuscript that had never been published in the NPSP / MTP series (though the floating reports of as many as 500 additional manuscript sermons seems based on a misunderstanding; most of these manuscripts are apparently of already published sermons), as well as a considerable number that had been published elsewhere, particularly in The Baptist Messenger, where a monthly message from Spurgeon appeared for several decades, but which never became a part of the NPSP / MTP series.

From the manuscripts of unpublished sermons, twenty were published in book form in 1922, in a little volume, Able to the Uttermost (reprinted by Pilgrim Publications in 1985 and still available from them). This was the only collection of new sermon material by Spurgeon published after 1917--all the “Twelve Sermons on XYZ” and other sermon books published in the many decades since were merely selections from the 63-volume set. But now, some truly new sermons that have never appeared in book form have been published. Day One Publications of Leominster, England has published this year C. H. Spurgeon’s Sermons beyond Volume 63: an authentic supplement to the Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, which consists of 45 sermons originally published in The Baptist Messenger periodical, compiled therefrom by Terence Peter Crosby.

The hardback volume of 640 pages is similar to the original sermon set in size and format (it is a few millimeters shorter than my other volumes, but comparable in thickness), and with very readable type and layout on the page. I will be manually adding the relevant information to the complete index of Spurgeon’s published sermons produced by PILGRIM PUBLICATIONS, as I did with Able to the Uttermost when I got that volume some years ago.

The book may be obtained through Pilgrim Publications, PO Box 66, Pasadena, Texas, 77501; phone: (713) 477-4261.

If you thought your set of Spurgeon’s sermons was complete, be assured that you now must have this volume for it to be truly so.
---Doug Kutilek

BOB'S NOTE: This unsolicited review by Brother Kutilek of the new volume of Spurgeon's sermons is an excellent description of the volume. We have already sold out of our original supply and have just this week received another shipment.

We have mentioned this book in a couple of pre-publication emails earlier this year, and we now have the book on hand to fill orders.

PRIICE: $43.00, which includes shipping.

Order by Phone: credit card order line 1-800-411-2061.

Order by Fax: 1-713-477-7561

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