Friday, January 16, 2009

Booth on Begotten by Faith

REGENERATION per Stephen Garrett

Stephen Garrett is, to my knowledge and in my opinion, the most scholarly person living today on the subject of "Regeneration." He has a current item on his blog on "Booth on Begotten by Faith," presenting the view of the late ABRAHAM BOOTH, a leading Baptist of yesteryear. I would reproduce the article here, but I want you to become acquainted with Stephen's writings -- so click the link and go to the BaptistGadfly.

Stephen was for years a Primitive Baptist ("Hardshell") minister. He once advocated the "regeneration precedes faith" view, which is the foundation of "Hardshellism." His father is still a Primitive Baptist minister. Stephen is not a novice or simply a "disciple" of Bob L. Ross on this doctrine. Stephen had to "work himself out" of Hardshellism, and it was his insights into the scriptural view of the new birth which brought him out of Hardshellism.

I know of no one -- including myself -- who has done more research into this matter than Stephen Garrett. I would put him up against all of the Reformed advocates of "pre-faith regeneration" any day in any type of debate, and would "bet the farm" on him. As I look over the field of Hybrid Calvinists of today, I don't know a one of them who could "hold a candle" to Stephen on this issue. And that certainly includes the Great "Exegeeter" himself, the notable "Appallingist," James White.

Stephen and I, long ago, became acquainted thru his father who at one time was a missionary Baptist holding to creedal Calvinism. As best as I recall, his father became involved with Hardshellism thru Lasserre Bradley, Jr. who has been a chief spokesperson for Hardshellism for many years via his radio broadcast, publication, and nationwide speaking "appointments." It is somewhat of a "miracle" in my view that Stephen was enabled to escape the entanglement with Hardshellism, but he did.

Stephen has a massive amount of research on his blog which presents what we understand to be the truth on regeneration or the new birth. I urge you to consult his writings at the BaptistGadfly and see for yourself. His recent item on Abraham Booth is but a small token of his tome of research work.

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