Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spurgeon's Complete Sermons Online


Praise the Lord!

We rejoice to receive the following email from Brother Emmett O'Donnell informing us that he has put the final volume 63 of C. H. Spurgeon's 63-volume New Park Street Pulpit and Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit (1855-1917] on the Internet, thus making the complete set of sermons available at this link:


Here is Brother Emmett's email updating us on the work he undertook nearly ten years ago and now has finally completed:

July 26, 2010

Brother Bob,

Well my dear Brother and friend, just short of 10 years by five days or so, our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, in me has completed modernizing the 63-Volume set of Brother Spurgeon's sermons.

It would have taken much longer, I am sure, if you had not encouraged me so, and so I want to praise God for your faithfulness in this project.

Already a few friends in Kerrville have asked me, "What next?"

Well, all during the project I have prayed that our Lord would raise up someone who would correct all my errors. It seems the Holy Spirit is burdening me to do it and so I will, but would ask anyone who may read this letter to pray about working with me. They could contact me by clicking on the "Contact Us" link on the first page of our site:


I have a few ideas about how we might do this. I have committed to grading lessons for Mount Zion Bible Institute. These are lessons sent into prisons and they always need graders. Anyone interested can contact Mount Zion by phone: 850-438-1037, email:school@mountzion.org

or may write:

Mount Zion Bible Institute, 2603 West Wright Street, Pensacola, FL 32505 USA

Thank you, Brother, for all your help. Know that I am praying for Brother Mike.

Brother Emmett O'Donnell

The goal of getting Spurgeon's sermons on the Internet actually had it roots in the 1990s when Dr. Philip Traynor of Alabama assumed the task and expense of scanning Spurgeon's sermons into ASCII Text. I don't exactly know the chain of events thereafter, as Dr. Traynor says he turned the materials over to some other sources. These sermons were later put onto CD-ROM by Ages Software, and not long thereafter, Brother O'Donnell was lead of the Lord to use both the CD-ROM and the actual 63 printed volumes to do the long and demanding computer work of getting the sermons into good shape for committing them to a website.

This is quite a remarkable and wonderful achievement. It is even all the more impressive when we consider the physical handicap under which Brother O'Donnell has had to work. I stand in awe of the Lord's wonderful grace in His use of Brother Emmett in view of how he has persevered despite the difficulties. Here is something I wrote about this in an article over a year ago:

Awhile back, I asked Brother O'Donnell to give me an account of his physical state, inasmuch as I knew him to be less than physically "normal" in the use of his bodily parts due to a past injury. Here is what he wrote:

April 18, 2009

Brother Bob,

On August 3, 1981, about seven years before the Lord saved me, He chastised me as I was attempting my second try at “body surfing” in Hawaii. He arranged for a wave to twist my neck so that I was totally paralyzed from my shoulders down. When I left the hospital (SW Memorial) in late February, 1982, I was considered by the medical profession to have “paraplegia” which means I had the partial loss of all my limbs. Many people think I had a stroke because my right side is severely paralyzed, but my right is not. I was 39 at the time — I’ll be 68 in November [2009]. I improved to the point where I was walking with a cane—all in our Lord’s purpose. By 1996 numerous falls necessitated I walk with a walker which I use now in the house. If we go out, which is quite a bit, I use a power chair to get around. With equipment, I am able to drive — our last trip of over 6,500 miles was last summer.The Lord is keeping me in line with helicopter rides (one) to TexSan Heart Hospital in late March. I have problems with my heart and a few other things. I seem to be OK, heart-wise, now — after about $20,000 for the ride and the care. But our Lord has provided. I can still type using my right middle finger and three fingers on my left hand and its thumb, though you have no idea how many errors I made in this letter — the Lord provided Spell-check, so that is between Him and me. Thank you for your kind comments.

I will also again remind you that Brother Emmett was neither solicited to do this work nor was he paid to do it; it has strictly been a work the Lord laid on his heart to do, and he has never asked for any reward for doing it. His reward is the joy he receives from the many thousands of "hits" which his website receives, and will yet receive in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

His works will follow [continue] on earth, though he passes on to be with the Lord and Spurgeon in Heaven! (Revelation 14:13).

To access all of Spurgeon's sermons, go to http://www.spurgeongems.org/

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