Monday, February 9, 2009

"Classical Calvinism"?


BOB'S NOTE: A link to this post was sent to Pastor Wade Burleson. He subsequently sent me the following email:

Please quit sending me your links. I appreciate your ministry bit I am uninterested in reading any blog that refuses to post my gracious and civil comments that refute your conclusions.

The fact is, Wade Burleson has not sent any comments to this blog, and therefore I have not "refused" to post any of his comments. He is invited to send his comments, if he wishes, and they will be posted. -- Bob L. Ross

Monday, February 16, 2009 -- Wade Burleson has not sent any comments for posting as of this time (5:30 p.m.). It has been a week, and I will dispense with any further notice of Wade's lack of sending any posts for this blog. I would have welcomed his "gracious and civil comments," but I am not all inclined to think his comments would "refute" my conclusions.
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A country Southern preacher name "Buzzard" moved to a northern metropolitan area. Down South, Brother Buzzard had often been the butt of some abusive jokes about his name. Some of the kids liked to call him "Ole Buzzard" when he preached against their youthful "worldliness" such as dancing, movies, smoking, "parking," card playing, etc.

When he went north, he thought he would offset that type of abuse by changing the way his name was pronounced. So . . . he started introducing himself to people as "Brother Buz-zard" with the emphasis on the "zard." That worked very well with the Yankees, and very few, if any, ever said anything about his being an "Ole Buzzard" -- that is, until one of his former acquaintences came up north for a visit.

When this visitor heard someone refer to the preacher as "Brother Buz-zard," the visitor said, "Buz-zard? Well, he looks and sounds like the same Ole Buzzard to me!"

I noticed some of the blogging Hybrid Calvinists (such as Pastor Wade Burleson of Enid, Oklahoma) have alluded to their Hybrid Calvinism as "Classical Calvinism." But with their "born again before faith" heresy, and their inability to tell anyone that "Christ died for you," they are really the same old Hybrid Calvinists, spinning the same theological aberrations of the Pedobaptist Reformed Hybrid Calvinist camp which is contrary to CREEDAL Calvinism.


  1. Bob:

    "Classic calvinism" and "classic Calvinist" seem to be Mr. Burleson's phrases of choice in his opposition to Dr. Patterson, for the latter phrase is employed by him on Bart Barber's blog:

    "I am thrilled to learn my sources were incorrect about what they deemed to be a move to an imminent move to release classical Calvinists from SWBTS" (Praisegod Barebones Blog, February 9, 2009 3:11 PM).

    This is certainly not the historic Calvinism held by Spurgeon and Baptists like him.

  2. That should have been "classical calvinism" and "classical Calvinist" in my previous post.


    I sent a link to this article to Wade Burleson, but he has asked me not to send any more links.

    He alleges that I have "refused" to post his comments, when the fact is, he has not submitted any comments -- at least, not to this blog.

    As for the Calvinist Flyswatter blog, I have no control over comments submitted at that site, but comments for the Flyswatter may be sent to my email at and I am able to post those.

    I have replied to Wade Burleson that he may post comments here, if he chooses to do so. He may also send comments to -- if he wants them posted on the Flyswatter.


    According that post by Wade Burleson noted by Ian above, the Hybrid Calvinist Pastor is "passing the buck" and excusing himself of his allegation about Southwestern Seminary.

    Wade seems to qualify for a job at one of the tabloid magazines where the "Sources" family provides a lot, if not most, of the stories.

  5. Bob:

    I hope Mr. Burleson received your e-mail explaining the blog moderation issues so that he may resubmit his gracious and civil refutations. Like you, I have missed Charles during his absense and his moderation and commenting activity on the Calvinist Flyswatter.


    I think Wade probably keeps tabs on just about anything wherein his name is mentioned. He even tapes his phone calls, he is so concerned about protecting himself from abuse.

    Why anyone would want to abuse Wade is somewhat of a mystery, especially since Wade does an adequate job of discrediting himself on certain matters. Like his calling Hybrid Calvinism "Classical Calvinism" -- that is a classic case of how Wade discredits his understanding of Calvinism.


    As to "Why" some Baptists use the term "Classical" in regard to their Hybrid "Reformed" version of "Calvinism" may in part be due to the fact that the term "Reformed" has fallen into disrepute with at least some Baptists. To them, the term evidently signifies too much of an endorsement of the Pedobaptists.

    We have demonstrated, for example, that the truly "Reformed" theology is that of the Pedobaptists, and that "Reformed" systematic theology evolved into its current Hybrid form in the post-17th century.

    Contrary to John Calvin, original Calvinism, and the Puritans, the evolved "Reformed" system alleges that the elect get "regenerated" (born again) before the Holy Spirit produces faith in the elect by the use of the Word as His instrumentality -- both in the case of infants as well as adults.

    Modern-day "Classical Calvinists" -- such as Pastor Wade Burleson -- hold to the "Reformed" abberation which alleges that "regeneration precedes faith" in the case of adults, but they seemingly prefer the use of the term "Classical" rather than the term
    "Reformed" which is more commonly associated with Pedobaptism and Pedobaptists.

    At any rate, whether it is called "Reformed" or "Classical," it is the same aberration which evolved into a Hybrid version of Calvinism, and is contrary to Creedal Calvinism.

  8. Bob:

    E. H. Burman, a ninteenth century Baptist minister, ably and correctly expressed the relationship of faith to regeneration:

    "It [faith] is inseparable from regeneration, Mr. Leedy. We do not say that a man must believe in order to be regenerated. We don’t say that a man must be regenerated in order to believe, but being regenerated he believes, and believing he is regenerated. They are simultaneous and inseparable" (The Trial and Decision of Mount Carmel Church-Part 1).

    This is historic Calvinism.